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Caffe NoName

Open for you this summer!

More than just coffee

Also this summer the Caffè NoName offers a great location on the Crap Sogn Gion. Enjoy the fabulous view from the terrace with real Italian coffee, exclusive drinks, and delicious panini.

Summer Agenda

Analog Photo Workshop

Full-day Workshop about analog Photography

  • Level: Beginner. Open to anyone who wants to experiment with analog photography and film development.
  • Max. 6 Participants per course
  • Sign up via Mail or Phone +41 (0)81 9277344
  • Meeting point: 9.15 at Caffè NoName
  • When: 9:30 AM – 16:30 PM
  • Price: CHF 220.- per person
  • Dates: 17.07.2021 | 31.07.2021 | 07.08.2021 | 14.08.2021

In the theory of this workshop, we will dive into the world of analog photography and you will learn how an analog camera works. This includes topics such as:

  • what kind of films and the different formats are there
  • Types of cameras, lenses and their uses
  • Camera properties: what is ISO, what are aperture and exposure times
  • Focus (focusing on the area of ​​the picture)
  • Image composition, image section

Plus: the whole theory can also be used for digital photography!

After the theory, we will provide you with a camera and a roll of film and we will go on a small photo hike where you can apply what you have learned. In the afternoon we will focus on developing the film. You will learn step by step the process with the chemicals and how a negative print is made from a roll of film. For the whole process, we use Caffenol, an alternative and ecological type of development.

Cut & Caffè

Have you always wanted to enjoy the fabulous view of the Grisons mountains with a real Italian coffee or a cold beer in your hand while your hair is being cut? Laura is a trained hairdresser and will conjure up your desired haircut. No washing or styling, a drink of your choice is included.

  • Sign up via or +41 (0)81 9277344
  • Meeting point: Caffè NoName
  • When: 9:30 AM – 16:30 PM
  • Price: CHF 40.-
  • Dates: 15.08.2021 | 29.08.2021